What We Offer

PCP Housing provides long term support for people in recovery from addiction. Our mission is to help you move towards independent living and become self supporting members of the community.

  • We offer long term accommodation in an alcohol & drug free house.
  • Our houses are fully furnished and all required maintenance will be carried out by PCP Housing staff.
  • Regular drug & alcohol testing.
  • Each resident receives regularly scheduled key-working sessions with a dedicated worker.
  • A community meeting is held on a regular basis to allow residents to discuss any queries they may have.
  • All PCP residents have access to a 24 hour emergency telephone service.
  • PCP Housing employ a dedicated benefits advisor to support residents.
  • PCP has links to local education and employment providers.
  • PCP Housing is funded primarily through housing benfit paid direct to PCP Housing. You will be expected to make a small contribution towards costs not covered by housing benefit.


  • What type of accommodation does PCP Housing provide?
  • A single room in a shared house with communal kitchen & living area.
  • How is PCP Housing funded?
  • PCP Housing is funded through housing benefit payments. It is likely that you will need to have an active claim for JSA, ESA or similar state benefits in order to qualify.
  • Am I responsible for Utilities, Council Tax, TV Licence?
  • No these are included in the housing benefit claim.
  • What furniture is provided?
  • PCP Housing will provide all essential furniture, white goods and TV etc in the communal area.
  • Am I allowed visitors?
  • Yes - however to maintain a safe living environment overnight stay is not permitted.
  • What happens if I drink alcohol or use drugs?
  • You will immediately be asked to leave.
  • How long can I stay for?
  • There is no limit to the amount of time you can stay. However, our goal is to help you move towards fully independent living.